Lobus exists to empower owners* in the world’s largest asset class: art

Art Advisors
Family Offices
Trusts and Estates
Dynamic Market Pricing and Information
Access to a constantly expanding database of market price information across auctions, fairs, private sales, all in context with market-influencing sources like news, cultural events, artist CVs.
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Intelligent Object Matching
With artificial intelligence, generate client opportunities by matching wish lists with available inventory
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Portfolio Analytics
Get the full picture of your portfolio - including financial, location, and diversity and inclusion metrics - are available to analyze and visualize
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Customized Reporting
View the platform the way you want to see it. Easily create customized reports in the formats you need with the data points that matter to you.
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Enterprise Collaboration
Connect and collaborate more seamlessly. Eliminate long email threads and time-consuming searches for lost documentation. Permissioning capabilities ensure everyone sees just what they need to see.
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Customer Relationship Management
Track and analyze your clients, their preferences and behaviors integrated with your data and the market’s. Use task management tools so you don't miss important follow-up.
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Connect Lobus to the other systems that matter to you seamlessly. Send aggregated financials downstream, or ingest new data from an upstream source, all in one place.
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Data Migration
Getting your data into Lobus is easy. Lobus’ experienced team can help migrate your data, whether it’s in filing cabinets, Excel spreadsheets, or legacy systems. Use the mobile app to quickly catalogue new objects and add them to your data.
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Digital Inventory
Lobus has inventory management capabilities for any use case; from a drag-and-drop ‘tile view’ designed specifically for exhibition planning, or the customizable grid view with advanced filters for communicating with your advisors.
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