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Expertise in the global art market


Lori Hotz and Sarah Wendell Sherrill worked together at Christie’s, leading a period of unprecedented growth in the global masterpiece market.  Wendell Sherrill’s deep knowledge of the art world and Hotz’s extensive background in finance and global growth businesses make them uniquely positioned to create a seismic shift for how information and decisions will be made in the art industry.

Working together at Christie's, Hotz and Wendell Sherrill together with team of renowned art specialists and industry experts spearheaded some of the most important auction results ever recorded for the top artists in the marketplace, breaking records with more than $1 billion sold in one week for two seasons in a row, leading Christie's dominant position in the global market and overseeing record-breaking total sales of $1.6 billion in 2015.

They are building the tool they wish they had.