About Us

The data and analytics company for the art world.


Lobus is a digital information company for today’s art industry, serving a spectrum of distinguished art galleries, auction houses, private collectors, art advisors and leading contemporary artists.

Lobus provides an efficient new way to connect art objects to their information footprints. Lobus was founded with a nod to the visual cortex, as the visual processing center for today's global art world. Our goal is to build the most reliable information infrastructure for the industry by bringing deep learning, data science and analytics to the world of scholarship, connoisseurship and collecting.

Lobus was founded in November 2017  by Lori Hotz and Sarah Wendell Sherrill on the premise that the growing network of global decision-makers in the art world deserved better information. Hotz and Wendell Sherrill worked together at Christie's, leading a period of unprecedented growth alongside a team of talented individuals in the industry. They are building the tool they wish they had.



Lobus endeavors to bring credible information into the digital space with accuracy and integrity, citing scholarship and primary source where available. We believe that information breeds confidence and the ecosystem of the art world deserves correct information that is available and accessible. As a data and analytics company, we will not editorialize, nor we will transact. Our promise to you is information you can trust.


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Lobus will launch our app in Fall 2018 (to sign up, please click here). Our website is intended to keep you up to-date on our progress and to share with you insights we uncover in the process.